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it’s not over…it’s just beginning.

Maybe you feel stuck. Maybe you feel like your story is on pause. That is the very essence of Continue the Story. We want to be there for everyone who has ever felt that way. So often we hit a road bump or worse we crash right into a wall and we feel our lives and our stories are over. Never will we be back to normal.

Here’s the truth. You may not make it back to what your normal was, but you will create a new normal. This new normal has the potential to change the world around us. We have the ability to reclaim our story and write an ending that we are proud of. Nothing in our pasts can stop us from dreaming big. Nothing in our pasts can stop us from being a game changer in this world.

Your story has power. Power of change. Power of hope. Power of life. All of us when life does not go according to plan be it when you go to prison, fight an addiction, become a victim of crime, go through a divorce, lose a loved one, lose your job, become homeless, or wherever your story has led you – your story is not over… it’s just beginning. One Story. Endless Possibilities.

One Story. Endless Possibilities.

Power of change.
Power of hope.
Power of life.


How We Plan to Make A Difference

Stories of Hope

We are excited about Stories of Hope. We are in the process of working with Ohio Prisons to allow us to video record inmates reading a bedtime story for their children. We will then burn it onto a DVD and have the DVD, the book that was read, and a stuffed animal delivered to the child(ren) as a gift from their parent. This allows the children to see their mom or dad and read along with them. This will help fight against any reading deficiencies the children may have, and help build a stronger family unit which can help the parent fight for something when they are released.

Check Out Our Proposal for Prisons

Activity Books for Children

We are working on providing children who have a parent in prison with activity books that will help foster a stronger relationship with their parents. These are designed to be for both the parent behind bars AND the parent who is taking care of them now, or the guardian who is. These activity books have coloring pages, connect the dots, questions to ask and start building conversations, educational pages, reading pages, and much more. They are designed to then be mailed to the incarcerated parent so they have a gift from their child.

School Kits for Children

It can get very expensive providing the necessary school supplies that children need each year. When a parent is behind bars, the financial responsibilities puts a strain on the parent who is trying to work and provide for their family all by themselves. By providing school kits we can help ease the financial stress of the parents, and give these kids a chance to succeed in school.

Resource Packets for the Incarcerated

We are working on providing those who are incarcerated with ideas, strategies, and tips on how to be a great parent despite being in prison. We want to provide them with worksheets that will help them grow spiritually to be a better dad or mom. We provide them with questionnaires that help them to get to know their children better. The whole goal of these is to rekindle the family unit so it can continue to grow so when they are released they are able to seamlessly rejoin the family as if no time has passed.

Little Buddies

Little Buddies is all about providing children who are impacted by incarceration stuffed animals that are gifts from their mom or dad who is in prison. We want to make sure that their children know that they are loved even though their mom or dad is not there with them. The stuffed animals become their buddies that they hold onto when they are sad or feeling lonely. Each little buddy comes with a prayer that they can say that gives them peace and prays for their mom/dad and for themselves.

Our mission field is clear.

To radically change the Ohio Prison system and reclaim the stories of those impacted by it.

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"Building Stronger Families Impacted by the Prison System."

Your Story is Not Over... It's Just Beginning!

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