Building Stronger Families Impacted by the Prison System
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Our Mission

Continue the Story is all about coming alongside those who find themselves in the prison system AND their families that are impacted by that. Over 2.7 million children have a parent that is in prison. The lives of those children are instantly and drastically changed. Research suggests that intervening in the lives of parents in prison and their children help to preserve and strengthen positive family connections that can yield positive societal benefits in the form of reduced recidivism, less intergenerational criminal justice system involvement, and promotion of healthy child development.

Our mission statement is: “Building Stronger Families Impacted by the Prison System”

We are called to love everyone. The people who are not perfect and those who are “perfect.” What if we helped the families impacted by incarceration? We could truly make a difference in this world. We exist to help families facing hardships because of incarceration with the support to show them that their story is just beginning. We want everyone to understand that their story so far – no matter how bleak it may be, is far from over. They have within them the ability to change the world around them with their story. We exist to see lives transformed. To give a voice to the unwritten stories. To continue the story.

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Why Should We Help?

Children between the ages of 2-6 can feel separation anxiety, impaired socio-emotional development, traumatic stress and even survivor guilt.
Children between the ages of 7-10 may experience developmental regressions, poor self-concept, acute traumatic stress reactions, and impaired ability to overcome future trauma.
Children from ages 11-14 may experience rejection on limits of behavior and trauma-reactive behaviors.
Children from the ages of 15-18 may expiree a premature termination of dependency relationship with parent, and it may lead them to intergenerational crime and incarceration.
Stats quoted from Prison Fellowship: FAQs About Children of Prisoners

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"Building Stronger Families Impacted by the Prison System."

Your Story is Not Over... It's Just Beginning!

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