Christmas Cards For People In Prison

What Is The Drop?

The Drop is a combined effort to send Christmas Cards, full of joy and love, to people who are in prison. We are calling this “The Drop” because, on December 15th, we will “drop” 2,000 cards in the mail and flood the Ohio Prisons with holiday cheer.

Why The Drop?

Prisoners probably aren’t at the top of many Christmas card lists. There is a reason that each person is in prison, however, that does not mean they are undeserving of love and compassion. The holiday season can be an especially lonely and difficult time for people who are in prison. For many, the card we send may be the only piece of mail they will receive all year. Christmas is the time of year that every person, no matter where they are, deserve some holiday cheer.

how YOU can make an impact?

There are a few ways you can make an impact with “The Drop!” 

First — You can sign up to send a pack of 10 cards to Inmates in Ohio Prisons. We provide you with EVERYTHING you need. Each pack comes with 10 blank cards, 10 pre-stamped envelopes, a list of 10 inmates with addresses, and an instruction guide.


Second — You can donate to help cover our costs. Even just a one time gift of $10.00 makes a huge difference in being able to send more cards in the future. However, even if you cannot help by donating, please do not let that stop you from signing up to send Christmas Cards to those in prison.

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Third — Spread the word about “The Drop.” Share it on Facebook, on Instagram, Twitter, or whatever other social media platforms you use. Together, we can make an impact in the lives of those in prison.

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Meeting Our Goal

  • Current $1,135.00
  • Target $2,000.00
  • Backers 31

The Reveal Video

The Drop Christmas Outreach

Join Us as we spread Christmas cheer to those in prison by sending them Christmas Cards. Every pack includes 10 blank cards, 10 pre-stamped envelopes, and all the information you need to know. Learn more and sign up at #CTSthedrop

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