We’re throwing a FREE Christmas Party in July where we can increase our IMPACT for The Drop in 2019! With this jumpstart for The Drop 2019, we will be sure to flood the Ohio prisons with the joy and humanity that is often unseen at Christmas for those in prison.  

JOIN THE PARTY! It’s a NEW TAKE on the Christmas in July Party – one where we not only have a great time but we also give back to those in need. Come and join us for a family-friendly day where we will get a head start on 2019 Christmas Cards. 

We will enjoy a Hot Chocolate Bar, Christmas Photo Booth, Christmas Goodies, Kids’ Activities, and even some giveaways.

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In total, from 2017 and 2018, we have sent 9,090 Christmas Cards to people in Ohio Prisons. We have a BIG goal for 2019 (sorry can’t tell you that number yet) and it’s all to spread the hope and joy of Christmas to those who may not receive it any other way. 

Prisoners probably aren’t at the top of many Christmas card lists. There is a reason that each person is in prison; however, that does not mean they are undeserving of love and compassion.

The holiday season can be an especially lonely and difficult time for people who are in prison. For many, the card we send may be the only piece of mail they will receive all year. Christmas is the time of year that every person, no matter where they are, deserves some holiday cheer.


Date: Sunday, July 28th, 2019

Time: 3-5 PM 

Where: Church of the Messiah 

51 N. State Street, Westerville, OH


The only cost associated with Write Night is the cost of the envelopes + stamps.
What SHOULD I expect at the party?

Expect to have fun with your friends and your family. Along the way, get some hot cocoa, go jump in the photo booth, eat some Christmas treats, and most importantly make some time to write some Christmas Cards to help us increase our impact for The Drop 2019.

What Is the drop?

The Drop is a combined effort to send Christmas Cards, full of joy and love, to people who are in prison. We call it The Drop because on a set day before Christmas everyone who signs up to write cards will “drop” the cards in the mail on that day. We do this to flood the prisons with cards of hope and joy of the Christmas spirit.

In total from 2017 and 2018, we have sent 9,090 Christmas Cards to people in Ohio Prisons.

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is this party kid friendly?

Absolutely. We want the WHOLE family to join us and have fun at our Christmas in July Party.

We have special crafts and activities just for kids so the adults can relax and enjoy themselves too and write some cards and hang out with their friends.

What do I write?
We understand that writing to those in prison can be daunting. We find that simply being yourself and writing to them like you would a friend or family is best.
Wish them a Merry Christmas and remind them that they matter. 
The best part is, we will have team members at the party who can help you with the letter writing AND we will even have some example letters available on the tables.
can i volunteer at the party?
We would LOVE that! You can email Jess Kimmel at JessK@continuethestory.org
She will be able to talk to you about some of the needs we have at the party!
WHat will happen with these cards?
The Drop happens in Christmas, so we will hold onto these cards until The Drop 2019 and we will personalize by adding names to the cards and we will “drop” along with the rest of the cards.
This event will allow us to impact even more lives during The Drop!

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