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There are so many ways to get involved and help build stronger families who are impacted by incarceration. We know there are so many more ways to help than we are doing. Maybe you are called to help start a new way to serve families who are impacted. Here are some of some of the ways you can get involved with Continue the Story and help build stronger families.



Pray not only for Continue the Story, but for all the prisoners, their families, their victims, and their victims’ families.


Stories of Hope

Help with recording the videos of the incarcerated, help organize, video edit, and shipping.

Write Night

Join us as we write to those in prison and send them letters of encouragement. Join us as we show people they are more than a number. They have someone in their corner supporting them and praying for them.


After School Programs

Work with schools and provide an after school tutoring program for kids. When a parent goes to prison, children struggle in school because of the emotional trauma that occurs. Let’s help them believe in themselves and help them succeed in school.


Little Buddies

Help us collect stuffed animals and to deliver them to children. Help us create materials that go along with their new little buddy. Be it a prayer or additional resources.


School Kits

Help organize and build relationships with schools to give school kits. Help us with School Supply Drives. Help package kits.


Birthday Celebrations

Let kids who are impacted by incarceration know that they are loved. Bake them a cake for their birthday. Buy them a present. Simply show love. The sky is the limit.


Get Your Local Church Involved

As we strive to help families become stronger we know that where someone is in prison could be miles away from their family. The local church can help support a family while a prisoner is a few hours away. Talk to your church about starting a prison ministry. We would love to help you get started.


Activity Packets for Children

Use your creativity and help us create activity packets that help children connect with their parents and family members. Maybe it is actually creating coloring pages, to helping create the layout and design, to dreaming about how to make them even more impactful.


Support a Family

Provide emotional, physical, and spiritual support for a family. Be open to how God shows you to support them.


Hold A Fundraiser

Have an idea on how you can help us raise money so we can continue to build stronger family units who are impacted by incarceration? We cannot serve without resources.


Prepared Meals

Help the single parents with providing them with meals.


Release Parties

What if we were to throw a party for people who are being released from Prison. We gather AS MANY PEOPLE we can to show up and we have appetizers we make a big deal about the person being released? We show them that they are loved, and we are standing in their corner and fighting with them. Let’s give them hope and joy the week they are released.


Social Media Support

Have love for Social Media and Marketing? We can use your talent. Help us build a stronger following through social media outlets. Help manage and create content that will help get across our message.


Resource Packets for Parents

Parents who are incarcerated can have a difficult time trying to build a stronger bond with their children while being behind bars. Help us create packets for them that will allow them to get to know their children better, ways to connect with their family, and spiritual resources on how to become a better mom or dad.


Bible Studies in Prisons

Lead a Bible Study for those who are incarcerated.


SEO Support | Website Support

Are you talented around website design? Maybe you are a SEO genius. Use those talents to volunteer with Continue the Story and help our dream and vision to be seen everywhere.

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