Together We Can Make A Difference
building stronger families impacted by the prison system

How You Can Make A Difference

Stories of Hope

Help families reunite through digital bedtime stories.

You can volunteer inside the prison by video recording the bedtime stories, building relationships with those in prison, and even volunteer to teach inmates how to read.

You can volunteer outside of prison by organizing stuffed animals and children books, edit the videos, prepare and ship the package to the families.

Write Night

Help send letters of hope and encouragement to those in prison.

You can host a Write Night and provide the opportunity for others in your community to send letters of hope.

You can volunteer administratively with resources, communication, or help to generate lists for groups that plan on doing a Write Night.

Behind the Scenes

Help us grow with some day to day help.

There are always ways to volunteer with us behind the scenes. You can help us with daily communications, social media, networking, preparing and shipping merchandise orders, and fundraisers.

No matter your skills or passions there are plenty of ways to get involved.

In Their Words

“I volunteer because family is what’s important. I love knowing that by volunteering, I’m helping a child, a parent, a family, try and stay connected, we’re giving that family a second chance they wouldn’t normally have. Also, I can’t say enough about how AMAZING the drop was. So many prisoners were touched and were just happy to receive cards from strangers.”
Meg Beasley


“Serving with Continue the Story gives me a great satisfaction knowing that one letter can make someone’s day or even uplift them. It’s a great experience to get involved with. I have been able to be a part of many of the speaking events with CTS and it has been so awesome to see people open up and even share their stories with us. I love everything about getting to volunteer with Continue the Story and can’t wait to see what’s next.”
Adam Elkins


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