Join us for our Write Night. We are excited about this event. It is a night where we come together and write letters of encouragement and of hope to those in prison! It may seem like a simple thing, but if you have ever talked to someone in prison, you will learn that a single letter can brighten their day.

We want to let them know that they are not alone. That they have people praying for them, believing in them, and there for them. Place a smile on the face of someone who may be filled with anxiety, hopelessness, and despair. Together, we can spread hope throughout the Ohio Prison System.

This is an event for the whole family. We will provide all the materials needed to write to those in prison. The kids can color and draw and we will send those as well. It is a fun way to not only bond with your family, but also pray for a family who may be going through a difficult time.


Don’t worry about that! We will even help. You will be amazed how easy it will be once you start writing and just speaking from your heart. It’s not about saying the right things or saying something perfect. It is about trying to lift up the lives of those currently in prison.

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